Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arrival of Ayla

This morning Luke, Mark and I went off to the post office... and look who we found in the post box:

I've arrived safely Mommy!
Ayla was so excited when we opend up her box.... she said she had been little nervous being in there all by herself... but was glad to be out.

The first thing Ayla did when she got to our house was generously give the children her gift for them.

Mark and Luke were facinated with all the different flavours... I had to take the jelly beans away before the three got ill... (Thank you Roxanne they were soooooooo THRILLED)

Then we all went outside to show Ayla our garden.... She was shocked that the sun was so hot... and the sky so blue... where she comes from it's fall.

The boys gave her a HUGE cuddle to welcome her.

Ayla says, "See you soon Mommy... I miss you!"

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