Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knitting Tutorial

Evening everyone, 

On our Danger Crafts Group on Ravelry we are doing a KAL (Knit-A-Long) for Louie the Lovebot by Rebecca Danger

I finished my first one for Mark. 

I was asked to explain how I did the heart.....This is what I wrote on my project page:

  • With intarsia and knitting flat you can go backwards and forwards with your colour… in the round you can’t… (or should I say I have NO idea how to)
  • Generally …. when I change colours I wrap the old colour around the yarn I’m knitting with so it sits at the back of the stitch… on the inside… so the tail end is neatened off as I knit….
  • In the case of the heart… I used the same principal… but instead of carrying the orange through the entire row … I just carried it a few stitches past the heart shape & let the orange yarn “hang”. Then when I needed it again on the next row I passed it loosely along the back and wrapped it around the main colour 2 sts before the heart sts started again…

Unfortunately this was not enough so... Here's attempt number 2 with some pics....

Pic 1
Pic 1 - I've carried the CC (Contrast Color) Orange yarn loosely along the back
Pic 2
Pic 2 - I now hold the CC firmly

Pic 3
 Pic 3 - I pull the MC (Main Colour) Red yarn to the left and hold

Pic 4
Pic4 - I then pass the CC over my working yarn and hold firmly

Pic 5
Pic 5 - I then knit normally with my MC while holding the CC firmly
Pic 6
Pic 6 - Pass CC over MC and hold firmly & knit as usual....

Pic 7

Pic 7 - This is what the back looks like when you wrap your yarn.

Now we need to knit with the CC as we're continuing with the heart - we follow the same principle:

Pic 8
Pic 8 - hold MC firmly with left hand, pass CC over
Pic 9

Pic 9 - And knit your stitch with CC

Pic 10
 Pic 10 - Continue following the heart shape while wrapping the MC behind the CC

As I'm now at the point in the heart where it has a single MC stitch this is what I did....

Pic 11
 Pic 11 - Hold the CC firmly in left hand & knit with MC

Pic 12
 Pic 12 - the next stitch is a CC one so hold MC firmly & knit with CC

Pic 13
Pic 13 - Continue with CC following your pattern

Pic 14
 Pic 14 - Switch back to MC and knit as above

Pic 15
 Pic 15 & Pic 16 - Continue in MC remembering to wrap CC

Pic 16
 Now this is what it looks like when you've wrapped your yarn; Pic 17 & Pic 18

Pic 17

Pic 18

Well there you go...

I hope this has helped!!

Enjoy knitting and hope to see you online!!!


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  1. Wow...that was interesting...never knew how one achieved that....thanks for taking the time to post about it...